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Enrich your knowledge of Greek culture through HHI's classes and workshops, taught on-site at the Hellenic Heritage Museum.


The Greek Language Program is of great benefit for those wanting to learn basic Greek before embarking on a trip to Greece, or wanting to become more fluent in order to communicate with Greek speaking family members and friends. Many English words have roots in the Greek language. You will be surprised how many Greek words you already know.

The Cooking Program teaches the preparation of traditional recipes beyond the popular better known plates. Greek cuisine is healthy and delicious, and the recipes taught in the class will be enjoyed at the end of the evening in traditional Greek style.

The Greek Dance Workshops, and private group lessons, focus on the more popular dances that occur at Greek celebrations. Other workshops are arranged to teach the lesser known regional dances by experts in their field.

The School Program is a special program developed for school children who study Greece as part of their Social Science curriculum.
See our School Program page for more information


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